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The Rotonda West Association, Inc. (RWA) is a Florida not-for-profit corporation charged with the operation of the Rotonda West community. The RWA is responsible for providing an orderly and desirable community that will protect and enhance property values. It is the largest mandatory property owners association in Florida and has been in existence since 1974.


A Board governs the Rotonda West Association. The property owners, in accordance with the RWA By-Laws, elect the Directors of the Board. The Board is assisted by Committees that are appointed by the Board. The RWA operates under a budget that is developed and approved by the Board and is funded by an assessment on each lot in Rotonda West. The budget provides for an office staff of three: Manager, Assistant Manager, and Deed Restrictions Secretary. Their offices are located in the Community Center.

There are five documents that govern the Rotonda West Association and property owners:

  • 1. Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes, – The Homeowners Association Statute
  • 2. Declaration of Covenants & Deed Restrictions, adopted 7/31/2003
  • 3. Articles of Incorporation filed with the Secretary of State, adopted 12/29/1992
  • 4. Amended Articles of Incorporation, adopted 12/31/1997
  • 5.RWA By-Laws, adopted 1/31/2003

Documents numbered 2-4 are contained in Rotonda West Association, Inc. Governing Documents, August 2003. This booklet is available at the RWA office.

Duties and Responsibilities

A primary duty of the RWA is the improvement and maintenance of the 456 acres of common areas, 30 miles of canals, and the Community Center. This includes beautification and seasonal decorations. In addition the RWA is responsible for enforcing the Deed Restrictions for the betterment of the community. There are ten Committees that assist the Board. The Board has representatives on eight Committees including: Administrative/Personnel, Aquatic Canal System/Drainage, Beautification/Mowing, Budget/Finance, Community Relations, Deed Restrictions, Properties, and Residential Modification. The Election and Compliance Committees have no Board representation but they do report to the Board. Activities and projects pertaining to the RWA Board and community are reported to the RWA members through its newsletter, West Ways and also through this website.

There are several areas of operation that agencies other than the RWA have authority over. The erection of stop signs, speed limit enforcement, repair of water and sewer problems, watering restrictions, and construction of sidewalks are the responsibility of Charlotte County. Florida Power and Light is responsible for installation and repair of street lights. Allocation of space within the Rotonda RV Parking area is the responsibility of the Rotonda Recreational Vehicle Parking Association. The maintenance and operation of the golf courses is the responsibility of the individual golf courses.

Office Location & Hours

The RWA office is located at 646 Rotonda Circle in Rotonda West and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The telephone number is 941-697-6788 and the FAX number is 941-697-0788.

Please consult the Directions & Maps page for directions.


The Rotonda West Association's staff include the following positions. They may be reached via e-mail by clicking on their respective title.

Scott Feldkamp

Scott was born, raised and educated in Illinois. Scott holds a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Science and English. He has been in property management for over 20 years. Scott is an avid photographer and artist. He has been living in Southwest Florida for 17 years.

Barbara Maryon

Barbara is the Bookkeeper, with responsibility for recording and maintaining the financial records. She grew up in Pottsville, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Albany, New York High School.  Barbara has an Associate's Degree in Accounting and has devoted 25 years to that field.  She worked for the New York Telephone Company and Reader's Digest and raves about the latter's once family-owned enterprise.

Claudette Romano

Holly Carr
Deed Restriction Administrator

Holly was born in Dearborn, Michigan  but spent most of her life in Allan Park. Holly is a licensed Realtor for 10 years. Her background as a Realtor fits right in with her deed restriction responsibilities.