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About Your Property

Charlotte County offers extensive online information about your property. Below please find instructions for accessing your property records and property map. At the bottom of this page you will find the contact e-mail addresses if you have questions regarding your particular records.

This page will instruct you how to:

  • Search for Real Property records on the County of Charlotte Property Appraiser Tax Collector website
  • Find a property map using the Charlotte County Geographical Information System (GIS) website

Click on the following link to begin your search:

You should now see a form called "Search for Real Property By". The two easiest ways to search is by Parcel ID/Account Number or by name. In your searches, less information is best.

1) Type in your 14 digit Parcel ID/Account Number. This number can be found on your tax bill. Type only numbers, no dashes.


Type in your last name and then first name. (If you only type in the last name, don't worry, the search will still work.)

After you type in your information click on the Run Search link, located at the bottom of your search screen.

copy of link you will click on from Appraiser website

Note: You can search by Street Name and Street Number, but in order for this search to work properly, you must abbreviate your Street Suffix. For example, ST, CIR, LN, PL, RD, TER, AVE, or WY.

You should now see a page that says the following: "Click on Parcel ID/Account Number for Associated Detail". Below that will be a list of owners, property addresses, etc. Find your name and click on the corresponding Parcel ID/Account Number. If you don't see your name, it might be on the next page. Click on the Next link located below the list of names, in order to scroll through the pages of owners.

Depending on the type of property you own, you should now see the following information on the screen:

  • General Parcel Information
  • Ownership Information
  • Sales Information
  • Current Preliminary Summary>
  • Current Certified Tax Poll Values
  • Amount of Taxes if paid by
  • Tax Information
  • Building Information
  • Building Appendage Information
  • Building Construction Information
  • Land Improvement Information
  • Legal Description

At the bottom of your search page you will see this link, View Map.

copy of link you will click on from Appraiser website

When you click on it, a new browser will open up and your screen will say "GIS Instructions" Click on View Map again and wait.

Click on Continue at the Disclaimer. You should now see a map with your lot highlighted. In order to navigate this page, click on the link located at the top right of the screen. A new window will open and you will see "For help with this Application, head over to the detailed CCGIS Help". Click into it.

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