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Committees and Reports

There are ten Committees that assist and advise the Board. The Committees are comprised of volunteers appointed by the Board. The Board has representatives on eight Committees including: Administrative and Personnel, Aquatics Canal Bank/Drainage, Beautification and Mowing, Budget and Finance, Community Relations, Deed Restrictions, Properties, Residential Modification, and Street and Drainage Advisory. The Election and Compliance Committees have no Board representation but they do report to the Board.

All Committee meetings are held at the community center and are open to the public. Clicking on the name of the chairperson will generate an e-mail form. Approved Committee meeting minutes are available for public viewing at the Community Center and can also be viewed here. Specific dates and times of Committee meetings can be confirmed on the Community Events Calendar.

Notice for every meeting must be posted a minimum of two days in advance. Notices are posted in the Community Center and, if requested, sent via e-mail. If you want to receive e-mail notification, submit request or contact the RWA Manager at 941-697-6788.

Click here for Guidelines for Speaking at Committee Meetings

Administrative/Personnel Committee

Glynn Perkins, Chair.
Meets as-needed

The Administrative/Personnel (A/P) Committee is composed of the RWA President, 1st Vice-President and 2nd Vice-President.

The A/P Committee conducts yearly or, as required, performance reviews of the Association Manager. In turn, the Association Manager reviews the performance of thother RWA employees and reports to the AP Committee.

The A/P Committee recommends the percentage of compensation the employee(s) should receive based on their performance review.

The A/P committee reviews resumes of potential candidates when a replacement or additional employee needs to be hired for the RWA office. The A/P committee will then forward their review of the candidates and their recommendation for an interview to the RWA Board of Directors.

Aquatic Canal System

Stan Plizga, Chair.
Meets fourth Wednesday of each month - 2:00 PM

Our canals are an integral part of the Rotonda West Community. The canal system provides storm water retention, flood control, recreation, a place to fish and supports wildlife.

The purpose of the Aquatic Canal System is to understand and oversee the canal infrastructure, including efforts to assure adequate canal water levels, water quality/cleanliness, weed control, aquatic life and storm water outflow is being provided.

Volunteers are welcome and needed to actively work under the guidance of the following subcommittees: Ecosystem Education & Publicity, Aquatic & Marine Habitat, Canal Infrastructure & Stormwater Outflow, Street/Swale Drainage, and Canal Trash Prevention/Cleanup.

Residents interested in volunteering their time/talent are urged to contact the Committee Chair. Outdoor activities include water quality sampling, aquatic vegetation monitoring, rainfall and flood level measurements, canal depth measuring & fishery studies using the RWA boat. Additional studies include database development, data input and trend analysis, canal infrastructure improvements, water retention analysis, flood mitigation, control structure engineering concepts, legal analysis, grant pursuit and canal ecosystem improvements requiring interfacing with various government agencies.


Aquatic Canal System/Drainage Committee - 2010 Organization Chart

Aquatic Canal System/Drainage Committee Presentation - Feb 26, 2009

Canal System Issues and Answers Presentation - May 21, 2008

Canal Irrigation Draw Study Status Report - March 12, 2008

2,600 ft. Swale Breach Status Report - January 17, 2008

Five-Year Master Plan, Rev. 3 - February 2012

Budget and Finance Committee

Hank Killion, Chair.
Meets third Tuesday of each month - 2:00 PM

This committee is chaired by the Treasurer/Officer of the Rotonda West Association's Board of Directors. Members of the committee generally have a background in finances, banking, CPA and Accounting and a strong corporate business focus.

The committee is responsible for developing a yearly budget that financially manages the RWA's revenue and expenses throughout the year. Proposed budget must be approved by the Board of Directors. Revenue sources are Assessments, Interest, Transfer Fees, Fines, and Residential Modification Application Fees.

Additionally, the committee is responsible for the following :

  • Recommend a Per Lot Assessment based on total budget divided by 8006 lots. Requires Board approval.
  • Treasurer reports on the monthly financial status of the budget at the monthly Board meetings.
  • Review monthly income over expense report.
  • Prepare and monitor Capital Improvement & Maintenance Reserves report.
  • Continually review and monitor investment programs. Primarily, CD's and Money Market accounts.
  • Manage month to month budget activity by insuring funds are available to cover expenses. Requires the management of CD's and Money Market Account.
  • Conduct a complete yearly review of the RWA's banking relationship. Continually demand the greatest return on investments.
  • Continually work to improve the RWA's financial accounting and reporting processes.
  • Review yearly audit provided by the RWA's CPA.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Glynn Perkins, Chair.
Meets second Thursday of each month - 2:00 PM

The Beautification/Mowing Committee covers two very important areas. The first and foremost is keeping Rotonda West looking "Beautiful" and inviting. The committee has completed upgrading three (3) Marinas to date, Broadmoor Memorial Park (2005), Pebble Beach Memorial Park (2006), and White Marsh Memorial Park (2007). The next marina will be the Oakland Hills Marina (2008).

The second responsibility involves the mowing contracts for all common areas, swales, canal banks, vacant lots, and specialty mowing. The committee is also responsible for maintaining the large directional signs and smaller sectional signs.

Community Relations Committee

Earl Haas with Russ Kulp as Director Liaison.
Meets first Wednesday of each month - 10:00 AM

The Community Relations Committee is the communications link between the Rotonda West Association and the 8,000 owners and their families. Committee members are responsible for publishing the West Ways newsletter six times a year, and prepares and maintains information posted on the RWA web Both the newsletter and web site are the vehicles that report on decision-making by the Board and committees, and present other newsworthy information on plans and progress throughout the community. The Committee is also responsible for interacting with the local media on news of importance in the community. A sub-committee is the Gazebo Decorating Committee. This group decorates the entrances and the Gazebo at the Oakland Hills Marina during the Christmas season.

Compliance Committee

Dick Duggan
Meets third Monday of each month -10:00AM

The Compliance Committee is mandated by Florida state statutes. It provides a review process for a fine or suspension relating to the violation of a Rotonda West covenant. The committee is comprised of a group of fellow owners who are not officers, directors or employees of the association, nor related to them or the owner/violator. The party being fined or suspended desires a hearing he or she must do so before the effective date of the fine or suspension. This committee listens to both the violator's and RWA management concerns. Compliance Committee Hearings are open to Association members, but Florida State statutes do not allow audience participation. Notices of these hearings are posted on the community center bulletin board, and the RWA web site calendar.

Deed Restrictions Committee

John Matuza, Chair.
Meets second Tuesday - 2:00PM

The Board of Directors has the fiduciary responsibility for enforcement of the deed restrictions in order to protect property values. The Deed Restriction Committee is an advisory committee approved by the Board of Directors on January 13, 2010.

The committee charter assigned the following goals and objectives to the Deed Restriction Committee:

Investigate methodology for consistent enforcement of deed restrictions. The Board has responsibility for enforcement of deed restrictions. The Committee supports the Board by analyzing violations and recommending methodology for enforcement.

Investigate methodology for establishing fines consistent with the violations in order to encourage compliance.

Investigate methodology for collection of fines for deed restriction violations.

Develop a transition plan and provide to the Board for approval.

Investigate items of concerns by members as directed by the Board and provide recommendations for action based on research of governing documents, statutes and other HOAs solutions to the issues.

Election Committee

Barbara Peszko with Peter Traverso as Board Liaison.
Meets third Thursday - 2:00PM

The Election Committee is responsible for conducting the annual election of members of the RWA Board of Directors. This process begins with the review of existing Political Campaign Guidelines (see link below) based on the RWA By-Laws. Any proposed revisions are brought to the RWA Board for approval. Once approved the Committee uses these guidelines to verify the eligibility of all the candidates. This includes examination of statements submitted by the prospective candidates to insure that they meet the current guidelines. If changes need to be made to the submitted materials the committee ensures that only the requested changes are made. Following the review process the committee works in conjunction with the RWA's accountant to formulate the election packets to be sent to the membership. The Election Committee is responsible for counting the votes cast at the annual meeting along with the RWA accountant. The votes are tabulated by the RWA accountant, and are then certified and announced at the RWA Annual Meeting in December.

Rotonda West Association, Inc. Election Committee Rules, Procedures & Political campaign Guidelines.
Election Guidelines - --Click here

Residential Modification Committee

Peter Traverso and Andy VanScyoc as co-chairs.
Meets second and fourth Tuesday of each month - 9:00 AM

The Rotonda West Deed Restrictions call for a Residential Modification Committee (RMC). The RMC reviews and approves additions or modifications to existing homes or structures under a set of guidelines. Modification examples include putting up fences, adding boat docks, repainting the home or adding a new roof to name a few. 

Committee approval is gained through an application process based on the standards set forth in the Guidelines. The RMC has published these Guidelines and necessary application forms for this process. Printed copies may be obtained from the RWA office. Property owners who start or complete any exterior modification without a completed and approved application will be assessed a $25 late application fee.

The RMC is comprised of at least 3 members named by the RWA. One RMC member must also be a member of the Deed Restriction Committee.