Scenes from the Rotonda West area

Welcome to Rotonda West (map) – a peaceful, planned community situated near the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida. It is located mid-way between Sarasota and Fort Myers.

The community contains 8,000 home sites with over 5,000 homes completed and is experiencing rapid growth. Residents are predominantly full-time homeowners and their families, as well as tenants and those who winter in the community.

There are six golf courses operated by Rotonda Golf and Country Club. Thirty miles of picturesque canals, lakes and ponds wind through the community and offer fishing and boating opportunities for its residents.

Many exotic and beautiful birds and other wildlife call Rotonda West their home. Nearby recreation facilities, beaches, theaters, sporting events, and fine restaurants are available for all.

Clubs, activities, and many volunteer opportunities abound for those who wish to become involved.


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The time in Rotonda West is:

The following are recent items of interest for Rotonda West Association members:

The cast and crew.
The "cast and crew," left to right, Jay Lyons, RWA Manager; Jeff Frayer, Lighting Director; Don Mahon, RWA project coordinator; Jack Alexander, Blayde Stone, owner, Cornerstone Productions; and Pastor Carl, Photo by Wayne Mengel.

In recognition of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Rotonda West Association, a special in-depth video has been produced on the history of the 26,000 acres we call Rotonda West and the unique development of our community. Doing the honors are highly-qualified Rotonda West historians Jack Alexander and Pastor Carl Kaltreider. The Moderator is Jay Lyons, RWA Manager. Running time is 56 minutes. Click here to access the video

"Rotonda West Night" at Charlotte Sports Park, April 25 Charlotte Stone Crabs - 4 Palm Beach Cardinals - 0.
Photos by Sue Killion
Newcomer's Night April 9, 2015
Photos by David Pulaski

At December 9 re-organization meeting of the 2015 Board of Directors, Glynn Perkins was elected to his fifth consecutive term as President of the Association. He is the first RWA President to serve for five terms. The vote was unanimous.

Elected First Vice President was Russ Kulp, who was elected to the Board for the first time last year. Scott Schermerhorn returns as Second Vice President.

Hank Killion is Treasurer and David Kelly is Secretary. Other 2016 Directors are Peter Traverso and Andy Vanscyoc.

Each member of the Board serves for 3 years and has the fiduciary responsibility to serve effectively for all residents of the community. The Board is supported by 12 committees with more than 100 volunteers working for the betterment of the community. In 2015, the Board will work with a budget of $1.5 million.


Administrative & Personnel - Glynn Perkins, Russ Kulp and Hank Killion, Aquatics - Hank Killion, Beautification - Glynn Perkins. Broadmoor Park Development - Glynn Perkins, Budget & Finance - Hank Killion Community Relations - Earl Haas with Russ Kulp as Director Liaison, Compliance - the committee will elect the chairman, Deed Restrictions - Peter Traverso, Election-Barbara Peszko with Peter Traverso as Board Liaison Properties - David Kelly, Policies & Procedures - committee may be retired, Residential Modification - Peter Traverso and Andy Vanscyoc as co-chairs.

2015 Board of Directors
Glynn Perkins, seated center, will serve his fifth term as President of the Board of the Rotonda West Association. Seated with him are Russ Kulp, First Vice President, and Scott Schermerhorn, Second Vice President. Standing, left to right are Andy Vanscyoc, David Kelly, Hank Killion and Peter Traverso. Photo by Sue Killion.

Audio file -- Click here
Board of Director Special Meeting 9/29/2015
Audio file -- Click here
Board of Director Meeting 9/16/2015
Audio file -- Click here
Board of Director Special Meeting 9/10/2015
Audio file -- Click here
Board of Director Pre-Agenda Meeting 9/10/2015
Audio file -- Click here
Board of Director Special Meeting 8/4/2015

Please go to the Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes ---Click here to view for older audio files of Director's Meeting. Click on the link located in each updated minutes.

The Association Forum Minutes
available to public
Going "Green" with West Ways!

In line with a modern-day trend by many organizations, the Rotonda West Association has adopted its Electronic Communications Program designed to minimize printing and mailing costs for issues of West Ways and other Association documents.

Under the ECOM Program, all owners have the opportunity to read the newsletter on-line and in full color. All issues are posted on the West Ways Newsletter link on the right under thr menu. Eventually, the Association mailing list will be culled and only those owners who have not opted for the ECOM program will continue to receive printed copies of West Ways and other RWA documents.

So far, more than 1,000 members have chosen to read the newsletter on line, as well as receive billings such as the annual assessment and other documents via email.

Promotion of ECOM participation began on these pages a year ago.

If you have an email account and prefer to view issues on-line, send an email to Manager Jay Lyons at Include your name, property address and account number and request participation in the ECOM Program. The ECOM program could eventually save the Association thousands of dollars in printing and postage costs. Sign up now!

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